GEM Grow

We are quite proud of our grow team headed by Production Manager, Stacey Hitzeman.

The Government won’t let us use the word “organic” as there is no protocol to certify marijuana.  Please know that we use no non-organic ingredients. It takes us longer to grow in soil and it’s more expensive, but we think it’s worth it. Let us know what you think. Come for the flavor!

Pagosa Springs Dispensary Staff

Stacey in foreground.  Left to right:  Corey Doyle, Brandon Summers and Matt Weber.

Photo of Real Sour Bud

“Real Sour” bud

Marijuana Grow Lights

Stacey watering in flower room, under environmentally friendly LED lights

Trimming Marijuana Bud

Corey and Brandon doing a final trim on “Shishkabery”