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(Updated 6-4-19)

Please enjoy our “Ounce Specials” from $120- $160


– Exciting New Product –

Distillate Vape Cartridges 500 mg – $35

Full Gram Distillate Oil in Syringe – $40

Produced from Good Earth Meds Soil Grown Flower

Current Batch Testing at 99.26% THC


– Distillate Infused Pre-Roll Joints –

Full Gram Joint – By Fli

– Concentrate Sale –

Waxes & Shatters from Good Earth Meds flower – $15/gram.  Processed by High Tech Concentrates


Enjoy “Ten Percent Tuesdays”,
where all non-sale items are 10% off.

Veterans (with ID) receive a 10% discount daily.

(Excludes SALE Items)

We are a “cash only” facility – there is an ATM machine on site.
Our processor charges $1.50 fee per transaction.

The Government doesn’t allow us to use the word “Organic” in our advertising. Please know that we don’t use any “non-organic” supplements in our flower, so they are as pure (and tasty) as can be.


Flower: Grams are priced daily starting at $5/gram


Now featuring “Trim Bags” for making butter (or smoking) @ $3/gram

(Sometimes Cheaper)


Sativa Dominant Strains

(Soil Grown gram prices: $5,  $8, $10, $12)


Bruce Banner

Durban Poison

Girl Scout Cookies

Golden Goat

Great White Shark

Jack Flash


Mob Boss

Red Headed Stranger

Sour Maui

Sour Relief

Indica Dominant Strains – Holiday Flower Sale Pricing

Blueberry Headband

Grape Ape

Irie OG

Lemon Skunk

Purple Urkle

Racefuel OG


(*High CBD with low THC*)


Feminized Seeds by The Bank

Non-Feminized Seeds by Dutch Girl Seeds

Oils, Hashes, Concentrates:

CO2 extracted hash oil by  Pueblo West

Waxes, Shatter, and Distillate from our in-house soil grown flower


Caviar (“Moon Rocks”) and Joints by Kaviar

Buds dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief

Vape Cartridges:

By: Willie’s Reserve (Willie Nelson’s Company)

Pat’s Pens

Lucky Turtle

Pax Pods



Taste Buds


District Edibles


Coda (Staff Favorite)

Leafs by Snoop


Cheeba Chews



Pain Relief & Topicals:

Extra Strength CBD-rich lotions by:


Dixie Relief 

Mary Jane’s

Nordic Goddess



Good Earth Meds is dedicated to
bringing you the healthiest products available!

(Updated 3-5-2019)