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(Updated 9-12-19)

As of 9-12-2019 we are out of Ounce Specials, until further notice.  It may be a while. Call ahead @ 970-731-3202

(Updated 9-10-19)

The famous Willie’s Reserve products are now available.

(Joints and Vape Cartridges)

The Stanley Brothers

Original Creators of “Charlotte’s Web” – CBD Oil

CBD Vape Cartridges and Tinctures

– Exciting New Product –

Distillate Vape Cartridges 500 mg – $30

Full Gram Distillate Oil in Syringe – $35

Produced from GOOD EARTH MEDS Flower


– Concentrate Sale –

Waxes & Shatters from Good Earth Meds flower – $15/gram.  Processed by High Tech Concentrates


Enjoy “Ten Percent Tuesdays”,
where all non-sale items are 10% off.

Veterans (with ID) receive a 10% discount daily.

(Excludes Sale Items)

We are a “cash only” facility – there is an ATM machine on site.
Our processor charges $1.50 fee per transaction


Flower: Grams are priced daily starting at $5/gram


Now featuring “Trim Bags” for making butter (or smoking) @ $3/gram

(Sometimes Cheaper)


Sativa Dominant Strains

(Soil Grown gram prices: $5,  $8, $10, $12)


Bruce Banner

Durban Poison

Girl Scout Cookies

Golden Goat

Great White Shark

Jack Flash


Mob Boss

Red Headed Stranger

Sour Maui

 Sour Relief

Indica Dominant Strain

Grape Ape

Irie OG

Lemon Skunk

Racefuel OG


(*High CBD with low THC*)


Feminized Seeds by The Bank

Non-Feminized Seeds by Dutch Girl Seeds

Oils, Hashes, Concentrates:

CO2 extracted hash oil by  Pueblo West

Waxes, Shatter, and Distillate from our in-house soil grown flower


Caviar (“Moon Rocks”) and Joints by Kaviar

Buds dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief

Vape Cartridges:

By: Willie’s Reserve (Willie Nelson’s Company)

Stanley  Brothers

Pat’s Pens

Lucky Turtle

Pax Pods



Taste Buds


District Edibles



Coda (Staff Favorite)

Cheeba Chews

Nature’s High Edibles




Pain Relief & Topicals:

Extra Strength CBD-rich lotions by:


Wrangler’s Relief

Dixie Relief

Nordic Goddess



Good Earth Meds is dedicated to
bringing you the healthiest products available!

(Updated 9-10-2019)