Here is what a few of our customers have to say.

Zia Faculjak

7 hours ago
Love this place, they are the most reasonably priced for fantastic products. The staff is always friendly.. Seriously what would have cost me at a different location $150, same exact product here for $75. Will never shop anywhere else..

Shean Rainbowstar

22 hours ago
Good knowlegdable staff. Quality product

Marilyn Slentz

2 days ago

Staff were very helpful. I enjoy visiting them when I am in Pagosa Springs.

Nice facility and easy to get to.
Marilyn Slentz

tanner kent

2 days ago
Great service lots of product will return!!!!!

Will Gladden

4 days ago
They have a great selection of product, and always a discount basket. I am happy with my experience there as always.

Shontii Salex

6 days ago
Great place and wonderful, helpful staff with great products and discounts! Thank you!

Carlos Cardona

a week ago
This place is great for a full width of variety and knowledgeable staff.

Leah Berg

2 weeks ago
Friendly service , good product, very fair pricing . We got some grape ape and it was delicious !

Evie D.

2 weeks ago
Love this place and the employees answered all questions we had.
4 weeks ago
Better bud and deals elsewhere.

Ellyn Hundley

2 months ago
Excellent product and knowledge. Good sales everyday. Veteran owned and discount for Vets. We shopped 2 other stores here and all of them had good stuff however we chose to come back here. Lots of everything. Good selection of bud and edibles as well as oils and cbd products. Only dispensary we gave 5 stars.


3 months ago
#BestInTown 😀😀😀😀😀


4 months ago
Nice clean well organized store. Friendly helpful staff. Recreational use. Need photo id. They are required to scan your driver’s license each time. Good prices.

Tufton Green

4 months ago
Super good vibes

Ryan Jones

5 months ago
Awesome place

David Green

5 months ago
Went there cause working in Pagosa Springs. Had not heard of it before. All the dispensaries around the area were having specials for 4/20. They had a great selection of flower along with concentrates and edibles. Would definitely go again when I am in the area.

Alan Feia

6 months ago
Discounts to retired military and law enforcement

Amber Roberts

6 months ago
Fabulous staff and stock!

Duane Dawson

6 months ago
Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable. Great place. Recreational only.

Michael Trujillo

6 months ago
Great customer service

Jason Hands

9 months ago
First in Pagosa. Coolest dispensary in town hands down.

Robert Goforth

9 months ago

Andrew Hickman

9 months ago

shelley parham

9 months ago
Great dispensary!-All questions answered and staff is caring and thoughtful

Nate Stalzer

10 months ago
These people know their stuff. Plenty of variety and they will answer any questions. Love their 20% off bin!

Joe Amorim

10 months ago
Has a few good things

J. Steven Richards

10 months ago
Good product, reasonable pricing, knowledgeable friendly staff.

Sommer Whiteaker

11 months ago
Very good at what they do & knowledgeable.


a year ago
I’m just a trimmer but learned a lot working with the growers and the cannabis is great!

Tater Salad

a year ago
Drove 40 miles for some bud. Bought an eighth of grape ape and a eighth of great white. Got home only to find out that both strains taste like mold. Very disappointed .won’t be back

david Gregory

a year ago
Get to the door on a Friday night at 5: 59 and 50 seconds ring the buzzer, dude peeks through the window to say they are closed. For a shop that doesn’t have a whole lot of business and pretty high overhead, you would think they would take …More

jason martin

a year ago
I feel sorry for the folks who think this is a good dispensary

Seth VanderLouw

a year ago
Greatly appreciate the option to buy trim and shake!! Fantastic customer service!!

Kristin Torres

a year ago
Knowledgeable staff, great discreet and professional business

Alex Pearson

Cheeba Chief

a year ago
For my very first time being in a dispensary made me very comfortable when buying and the best prices in town guaranteed. You have to go to this dispensary best one!

“Fun place.”  (June, 2017)  Zombie Part II,  (June, 2017)

“Nice shop with a “mom and pop” feel to it.  A little out of the way, but worth the hike”.  William Gladstone  (June 2017)

“Very chill atmosphere, super friendly staff”.   Aaron Bowens  (June, 2017)

“Greatly appreciate the opportunity to buy trim and shake.   Seth VanderLouw   (May, 2017)

“Amazing place. Very helpful to newbies.” – Lenin Glass (April 2016)

“This is our go-to dispensary in Pagosa! They have a great selection, super cool budtenders and good prices.  Check it out!    Chelsey Christy  (January, 2017)

“Good Selection.  Knowledgeable staff.”      Kelly Roberts  (January, 2016)

“Best dispensary in Pagosa Springs.  If you want good weed go here.    Jay Breeze  (December, 2016)

“Never a disappointing experience, in fact the best produced bud on the westslope.  Their trim tops all other bud.  FACT:  They take care of their med patients”.     Dolph Nite  (March, 2016)

“Good service. Friendly bud tenders. As out of towners we needed some guidance on which strains were best, they were very helpful.” – Amanda Beougher (Oct 2015)

“The staff is very helpful, informative and friendly….the product is excellent and their variety is nice.” – Horacio Cordova Jr (June 2015)

“Staff is extremely helpful, nicest facility I have been in.” – Michael Stahl (Oct 2015)

“Awesome selection with really fair prices!” – Kel Landrith (Aug 2015)

“Good Earth Meds is the best dispensary in Pagosa. Friendly and helpful employees and a wide variety of products. I highly recommend it.” – B Duff (Aug 2014)

“The best dispensary in Colorado. I’m not kidding. This is a total mom and pop shop, with a fully in house grow. At least fifteen beautiful strains, maybe more. I wanted to try them all! If your in Pagosa Springs, you should definitely not miss Good Earth Meds.”  – A Google User (Jul 2012)

“I don’t mean to be rude but the meds here in pagosa as far as despenseries go, not very good at all! I mean wow I haven’t smoke bud like that since I was in high school” – Alyas Maez (May 2016)

“Menu is fantastic. And it’s all ours in little Pagosa. I’m so happy to have these guys in town.”  – Justin Terveen (Nov 2015)

 “Nice looking new store. BUT very displeased with this place. I always get stemmy crap and it seems really dry and old product compared to what you smell in their display jars. Would not recommend getting ripped off at this place!” – goo Barkoff (Jan 2016)

“Their buds are the tops.  Their staff is definitely earthy and friendly.”  tazfreak18  (Feb. 5, 2017)

“Stopped by Good Meds today since my family is visiting for the weekend. I personally live in Denver so didn’t know what to expect from Good Meds in Pagosa. All I can say is…well done! Their medical bud was amazingly well grown, nicely cured and pungent without having any hayish smell. They were busy when I showed up but we were taken care of quickly and with great customer service. Shout out to Christian for the help and Rusty for the company while we were there! Wasn’t expecting this type of quality and service so far away from the metro but am pleasantly surprised. Made an awesome trip to Pagosa that much better. See you guys next time!” – the.asian (Oct 2015)

“First review?  Sure, why not.  I’m building a new home in Pagosa, and after my fist visit to Good Earth I was sold. This will likely become my go-to spot. Super nice staff, great selection in a cozy little shop. No attitudes, all smiles. Prices were solid, as were the nugs. I picked up the following: Headband, Pineapple Kush, Northern Lights, Bruce Banner, Pineapple Express, Lohan, and 100mg in gummy form.  All were healthy and potent. Can’t wait to dig into their other options. Shop with confidence..

“This is now my favorite dispensary in the state. I’ve been three times now, and each experience has been aces. Amazing, friendly staff without the elitist attitudes you find in other shops. Newly renovated store with lots of room and nice finish. The buds are phenomenal. Grown in-house, they’re on par with some of the best nugs available in Denver. Beautiful color, consistency, lots of crystals, smell, taste — it’s all there. Menu is fantastic. And it’s all ours in little Pagosa. I’m so happy to have these guys in town.” – Justin Terveen (Jun 2015)

“This was the second dispensary I’ve ever been tosupremely better service, atmosphere, prices and they have so many different strains they grow on site. The people were so friendly.  If you live in Pagosa I am sure that you have figured out this is the best place to get your weed, but if you are here on vacation, I highly recommend Good Earth Meds.  Definitely going back before I leave town.  JeahSpitz  (March, 2017)

“I’ve been to GEM a handful of times and every single time has been great. They’re extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  The prices are very reasonable and they have a great selection of products to choose from. This is my go-to dispensary.”  The White Cheetah  (March, 2018)

“I suffer from chronic nerve pain in my legs and anxiety.  In my state all marijuana is illegal so I went to Pagosa Springs to try marijuana to see if I could get some relief. As a complete newcomer to Cannabis I had no idea what to buy or how to use that medication.  I walked into Good Earth Meds and was warmly greeted by the manager Chris. I was nervous but Chris put me at ease and after I showed him my ID, he directed me to the recreational room. In there, the other manager Brett, was so helpful.  He answered all of my questions about the different strains of bud, and the different products they had, like lotions and creams.  I was a total newbie so I had lots of questions.  Brett was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable asking him anything.  I made my purchase and I am happy to say I felt a lot better.  I will be returning to Good Earth Meds every chance I get”.  Mama3613  (January, 2017)

 “The knowledgeable folks at GEM are always pleasant, always willing to go to extra lengths to provide you with what you need.”- blancorivermama (2015)

“Very nice storefront! I was very surprised at the amount of professionalism used at this place. This was my first time buying cannabis and this experience has been one of the best experiences I’ve had at ANY store EVER!! Obviously the “bud tender” and all workers there were very customer oriented and approachable.” treebark123 (2015)

“Very nice and informative staff. Specials daily. my favorite store so far. ” – Savvvy (2015)

“A little pricey. You are paying for the quality. Exellent dispensary.” – Sam6256 (2015)

“The staff are both helpful and friendly. I like the selection and found my favorites.”- ohpandalanda (2015)

“The people here are cool. I think they look at all their products as medicinal and not just recreational. I like this, but it may not be what you want. But they have good products that other places don’t. Apparently they are closed most Sundays.”  – Bellafaim (2015)

“Save yourself the drive out to the middle of nowhere, save yourself the unpleasant experience of dealing with budtenders who are uncomfortable and just want to go home, and save yourself from weed that is subpar.” – VictoriaZane (Feb 2016)

“Cool place. Got marijuana 101 lesson from an awesome staff.” –  Sherry Merchant Marconi Schnurr (Jul 2015)

“Had the privilege of visiting Good Earth Meds this past March and was very pleased with the business as a whole. I was impressed with the wide selection of edibles and strains to choose from. The friendly, knowledgeable staff took the time to genuinely learn my strain preference (being mostly sativa dominant) and the desired effects I want from the cannabis (Mainly reduction of anxiety & Relief from constant TMJ-induced arthritis pain in my jaw and parts of my face.) to better connect me to the strain that will be most effective in my situation. It was here I was introduced to my all time favorite strain, Golden Goat, and I’m so glad for it. With its distinguishable citrus aroma and bright golden color, this sativa dominant strain quickly rids me of any anxiety & arthritic pain I may be experiencing while also providing noticeable mental & physical stimulation. I would give Good Earth Meds my business again without hesitation and recommend to anyone in search of a good dispensary.” – Ronnee Piggott (Aug 2015)

“Good Earth Meds is an excellent place! The people who work there are super nice and the products there are awesome!” – Susan Larson (2015)

“Brilliant place. Can’t wait to try more new things” – Kodiak Faubion (Aug 2015)

“Helpful, knowledgeable staff. The owner is active educating the community about the benefits of cannabis.” – Baked (Mar 2015)

“Friendly and respectful staff. Excellent buds. Try Great White Shark their premier strain. They are organic. Lots of edibles and pain crèmes too!” – User (Jan 2015)